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City Guide

Stockholm Shopping:

Shopping in Stockholm is a treat for most visitors, but many items are comparatibly expensive. The city offers a wide selection of goods, manufactured in Sweden as well as international imported products. Please find below advice on Shopping, from where to shop to what to buy. Most of the shops are centrally located in "Drottningsgatan", "Hamngatan", "Kungsgatan", "Hötorget" and the famous "Stureplan".

Shopping Hours

Shopping in Stockholm is about choosing between more than 4000 shops. Business hours in general are 10 am to 6 pm Monday - Friday and around 10 am to 3 pm on Saturdays. Many stores are also open on Sundays.


This former royal street leads straight from the Royal Palace to Observatorielunden. It is lined with numerous shops, both smaller and larger ones. The street is also very popular among street vendors selling everything from dustcloths to African artwork.


Stureplan in Stockholm. Continental in-door streets and squares lined with shopes, restaurants and coffee-shops.Sturegallerian is a pleasant mix of brand stores and small boutiques. For sore feet, the health club Sturebadet is recommended.

Sergels Torg:

Around Sergels Torg there are many shoe stores and discount stores. On the ground floor of Kulturhuset Designtorget is located where designed products of established designers can be bought to reasonable prices.

Gamla Stan:

The Old Town could easily be called the largest shopping center in Stockholm. Along the street Västerlånggatan there are small shops and restaurants squeezed in next to each other. Tourist trap? Well, some of them are, most of them are fun, curious and different. Find your way into the narrow alleys to explore and botanize! Österlånggatan has a wide selection of expecially art work- and fabricsshops.


The Aquaria Water Museum
Explore the Amazon Rainforest, Nordic Lakes and Tropical Sea in one place! The Rainforest has amazing sightings of stingrays, piranhas and frogs, whilst offering thunderstorms and mist. In the winter months, sea trout leap from the Baltic Sea into the museum to lay spawn and swim freely back into the sea.
Museum has a Café, Guided Tours and is closed on Mondays.

The Toy Museum
See thousands of fascinating toys over the years. Also the must-see are: The Mickey Mouse section, Play area, Shop, Magic Show and Children's Theatre.
Café available, Buses 55 & 66 go to the museum ( 66 stops directly outside ). Open 7 days a week.

The Museum of Dance
Located in a former Bank building, The Museum of Dance has become a true center of dance, theater and art. As well as displaying the exciting cultures of Asia and Africa, it offers you the opportunity to see performances and dance videos and on some Saturdays you can have a go at Tango or Salsa!
Free to visit, but there is a charge to see temporary works. Museum has a Café - situated next to the shop, selling posters, videos, books, etc.

The National Museum of Fine Arts
The museum comprises of paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and modern pieces. Includes works of Swedish artists Carl Larsson, Ernst Josephson, C F Hill and Anders Zorn and also international artists such as Rembrandt, Renoir and Degas. There are also many temporary exhibitons that take place, an art library and try some art work yourself in the studio!
Museum has a restaurant. Guided Tours available. Closed on Mondays. Free admission to collections and to some of the exhibitions. Suitable for disabled visitors. Museum has a shop and audio hire.

Liljevalch Art Gallery
Home of Swedish and modern art, the popular gallery holds several exhibitions each year. Blå Porten - the galleries restaurant has won many awards.
Entrance fee charged, children aged up to 18 go free. Suitable for disabled visitors.

Thiel Gallery
A Banker - Ernest Thiel formed the Gallery, due to many of his friends being artists. Here, witness the great works of Edvard Munch, Eugène Jansson and others. Workers are now dedicated to keep the building as beautifully presented as possible, just like Ernest Thiel passionately did.
Open Monday-Saturday 12:00-16:00 and Sunday 13:00-16:00. Café sells beverages and cakes.



Enjoy your meals and have a pleasant time in Stockholm. For the foreign visitor it is strongly recommended that they take the opportunity to taste proper Swedish delights. The most traditional is the Smorgasbord, split pea soup, meat balls, marinated salmon or herring or roast reindeer. Lunch is mostly served between 11:00 - 14:00 and dinner between 17:00 - 23:00 in most restaurants. Many lunchtime offers are discounted and might have value added extras. Below a listing of Restaurants that are well known or have been tried and tested or finally recommended to us.

World Known

Hard Rock Cafe - Sveavägen 75, Stockholm...Tel 00 46 (0)8 545 494 00


Dragon Palace, Kornhamnstorg 55, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 205340

Sawadee Restaurant, Olofsgatan 6, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 209800

New China Restaurant, Storgatan 50, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 66 28 778

Fish & Seafood

Wedholms Fiskrestaurang, Nybrokajen 17, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6117874

Slingerbulten, Stora Nygatan, Gamla Stan..Tel 00 46 (0)8 107622

Rabarbert, Torsgatan 55, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 311775


Kamarina Restaurang, Gotlandsgatan 55, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6445876

Cypern, Restaurang, Valhallavägen 50, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6125779

Greken i Vasastan, Tulegatan 27, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 153141


Indian Inn, Verkstadsgatan 11-13, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 668 9233

India Lord, Bergsgatan 17, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6532553

Maharajah, Stora Nygatan 20, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 210404

Spice Housen, Upplandsgatan 6, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 141032


Mälardrottningen Restaurang & Bar, Riddarholmen 4, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 243608

Orientexpressen Restaurang & Drinkbar, Stockholms Centralstation, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 202049

Stora Vikingen, Hornsgatan 35-37, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6442300

Stockholms Matvarufabrik, Idungatan 12, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 320704

Strindbergs Bar & Restaurang, Drottninggatan 85, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 104518


La Cantina, Stortorget 16, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 200671

Michelangelo, Västerlänggatan 62, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 215099

Dolce Vita, Kungsholmsgatan 16, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 651 51 60

Al Capriccio, Birger Jarlsgatan 102, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 156106

Ciao Ciao Due, Karlavägen 8, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 200061


Cafe Blå Porten, Djursgårdsvägen 64, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6627162

Fem små Hus, Nygränd 10, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 10 87 75

Stadshuskällaren, Stockholms Stadshus, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6505454

Bonden Mat & Bar, Bondegatan 1 C, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6418679

Diplomat Tea House, Strandvägen 7 C, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6635800

Japanese & Sushi

Shogun, Tyska Brinken 36, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 208205

Sushi Bar Roppongi, Hantverkargatan 76c, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6501772

Nam Kang, Birger Jarlsgatan 38, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6113292

Sushi Huset, Brahegatan 3, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 66345466


Dragon Palace, Kornhamnstorg 55, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 205340

Hong Kong, Kungsbrostrand 23, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6537720

Moon Cake, BLuntmakargatan 95, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 169926

New China, Storgatan 50, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6636827

Other recommended Restaurants

Restaurant El Mexicano, Fleminggatan 45, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6536688

Lilla Karachi, Lilla Nygatan 12, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 205454

Caliente bar Tapas, Fleminggatan 22, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 6522686


CAFE OPERA, Operahuset, Kungsträdgården.Tel 00 46 (0)8 676 58 07

By day a bistro, brasserie, and tearoom, Café Opera becomes one of the most crowded nightclubs in Stockholm in the evening. Visitors have the best chance of getting in around noon during lunch. A stairway near the entrance leads to one of the Opera House's most beautiful corners, the clublike Operabaren (Opera Bar). It's likely to be as crowded as the cafe. The bar is a monumental but historically charming place to have a drink; beer costs 61SEK ($7.95). After 10pm, there is less emphasis on food and more on disco activities. Open daily from 5pm to 3am. At night, long lines form outside. Don't confuse this establishment with the opera's main (and far more expensive) dining room, the Operakällaren.


Many of the clubs and restaurants in Stockholm have got blackJack tables and Roulelette, with a nominal maximum stake of 5 Kronars per round in most places. Different places to play for fun, however there are places for proper gambling with heavier stakes.

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm, Kungsgatan 65, Stockholm.Tel 00 46 (0)8 781 8800

Tre Remmare, Vasagatan 7, Stockholm..Tel 00 46 (0)8 217240


Some notes concerning the inflexible Swedish laws regarding alcohol and serving: You can only buy alcohol at Systembolaget, the state monopoly (with the exception for beer up to 3,5%); you have to prove your age of 20 years or more. The legal age at bars and restaurant is 18, but many pubs have an age limit at 20 or 22, some even 30 or 35(!). The bartender must open the bottle before serving it to the customer. You are not allowed to take alcohol off premise (or even the glass!).

Stockholm, Sweden
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